Jobs Search strategies- Let us share some Tips.


Let us discuss a couple of job search criteria for this year. As job marketing is getting tougher and many layoffs are seen, the only competent candidate will succeed. If you want to be different and get on to the top, it is imperative that you prepare well in advance. There must be a written plan of action before you start your job search online. Earlier we used to email our resumes by just changing the cover letter and/or email address of the job provider, this will not work at all in this age. Those days are gone, as the recruiters are flooded with more applications online, it is very important that you customize each application that you send. What I mean to say here? Review the job requirements and desired skills and ensure that you position your resume according to employer’s requirement. A well-written resume matching to the desired skill will have cent percent chance of getting an opportunity for an Interview.

It will be a good idea to check about the flexibility of work arrangements. These days each employee care about the workplace flexibility. So better to do a research on this before you send out your resume or appear for an interview. Even though it is not a good idea to ask about the benefits including flexibility, it is considered as fair to check about this when you have an offer in your hand.

These days most of the job applications are blackholed, you email your resume and it may be deleted even without reading it. A good percentage of employers do not bother to notify job seekers if they are no longer considered for a position. To avoid such black holes, be sure to include keywords in your resume that are relevant to your qualifications and experience and which matches the job requirement. Ensure that your resume is formatted and compatible with applicant tracking system. Include only what is asked, otherwise, you may be treated as a spammer or your resume will go to junk.

Hope above tips will help you. All the best with your job hunting!

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