How Your References Can Cost You the Job


How Your References Can Cost You the Job

References play an important role in the hiring process. A reference can be a deal closer or deal breaker depending on the references you had provided. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you choose good references, which can secure you the job. Here we are going to discuss where your job reference can cost you the job.

Never choose references randomly, we see that many of the job seekers provide references without informing the person who is given as a reference. It may insult the person or there is a chance that they may not provide good feedback. It would be better to get approval from the person whom you plan to use as the reference. It will be not a good idea to think that your job reference would be always happy to do it.

Choose the right reference. You had completed all rounds of your job interview and the employer had asked for the reference. You do not have anyone as a reference or anyone who can give one for you so in a hurry you may choose your parents, friends, or relatives as a reference. Never give such references if you have not worked with them, remember a job reference is to evaluate your past performances.

Your previous employer or present employer had told you to use his name as a reference and you did not discuss with him what to say ahead of time. Just do not assume that they know what you expect them to say, better explain to them what you need them to say. Like, you can request your former employer to explain your work ethics and ability. You can remind them about the extraordinary work that you did for them or so.

Never assume that you got a great reference. Even though you had a neutral relationship with your former employer, it does not mean that they will give you a glowing reference. So if possible, check with your former employer what reference he will be giving about you. If you feel that his reference is not that helpful, then you may look for other good references. Make sure that you let your reference know the type of job you had applied for so that they can give an appropriate reference. Better to have a varied list of references so that it can give a clear picture of your future employer to know who you were.

Be sure to follow up with your references. It is to ensure that how things went for your reference and to do not forget to thank your former employers for their great references. It is always good to send a thank you note or a small gift to show your appreciation for the help they had provided you to get the job.

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